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Code for San Francisco is a collection of creative volunteers working to improve the lives of San Franciscans. We continue to advocate for open public data, we continue to build useful civic apps like Adopt-a-Drain and We Vote, and we continue to work on civic infrastructure like Lighten.

But we want to do more and to do it better. To that end, we are building our leadership team.

Apply to manage our weekly hack night - our core offering to the civic tech community. Your efforts will help Code for San Francisco grow into a more effective, impactful, and inclusive organization. We are looking for two leads to run Hack Night, as well as folks to support those leads or specialize in specific roles.

##The Pitch Are you a logistical mastermind? Can you organize a calendar of events better than the Mayor’s Scheduler? Can you get information from 7 different teams with time to spare before your deadline? As one of two Hack Night Leads or part of a team of Lead Supporters, you will manage our most important product - Hack Night, and will work with Code for San Francisco members and partners to:

  • Ensure Hack Night logistics are finalized well in advance of Hack Night
  • Balance the frequency of Hack Night events with sufficient Hack Night hacking
  • Communicate Code for San Francisco’s calendar of events to encourage regular attendance
  • Create a safe, inclusive, and participatory environment for members and partners
  • Help the Onboarding and Project Launch teams coordinate efforts to increase member retention

##Hack Night Team Responsibilities

  • Build out and coordinate the Hack Night Team
  • Manage & delegate hack night tasks each week
  • Emceeing
  • Intro slide deck
  • Guest Speakers
  • Greet /Check-in members
  • Responsible for food- ordering, making sure there’s enough, food planning, coordinating with the Finance Team to manage the food budget. Opportunity to engage with local small businesses!
  • Organize hack night special events
  • Quarterly Demo night
  • Socials- approximately once per quarter

##Coordinate with key folks internally

  • Onboarding team
  • Make sure someone is leading onboarding each night during hack night
  • Help coordinate sign-in/check-in process
  • Help connect newbies to projects
  • Project team- help newbies plug into existing projects and highlight any projects during hack night
  • Serve as a liaison between the onboarding team and the project team so that new people can plug into existing projects
  • Make sure the projects are being highlighted during hack night so that the community can understand how they can get involved and next steps.
  • Showcase project successes and challenges during hack night!
  • Manage guest speaker requests that come from external partners and brigade community
  • Create a process flow to manage pitches and speakers at hack night
  • Communicate hack night milestones for marketing, outreach, funding, and recruiting efforts
  • Relevant Skills:
    • Program or event management background
    • Experience revising a process or workflow
    • Adaptability
    • Patience
    • Seriously amazing communication skills
  • Commitment:
    • Attend weekly core team meetings (5:45-6:30pm) and hack nights 6:30-9pm
    • Attend in-person monthly Core Team coordination meeting
    • Available for 5-10 hours of communication per month outside of Hack Nights
  • Metrics (tracked by the Hack Night Team):
    • Hack night attendance - new and returning
    • Hack night speakers and events
    • Active members and partners
    • Other metrics as appropriate