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Code for San Francisco is a collection of creative volunteers working to improve the lives of San Franciscans. We continue to advocate for open public data, we continue to build useful civic apps like Adopt-a-Drain and We Vote, and we continue to work on civic infrastructure like Lighten.

But we want to do more and to do it better. To that end, we are building our leadership team.

Apply to support the launch of projects at Code for San Francisco and help us grow into a more effective, impactful, and inclusive organization. We are looking for two leads to help support project launches, as well as folks to support those leads or specialize in specific roles.

##The Pitch

Do you love keeping things on track, removing obstacles to completion, and patiently helping people think through tough issues? Can you inspire someone to test their product (on a weekend) in the real world? As one of two Project Launch Leads or part of a team of Lead Supporters, you will have a centerpiece position in our growing organization and will work with Code for San Francisco projects, both new and old, to:

  • Help them define their roadmap and launch date
  • Understand and address their talent and resource gaps
  • Remember that they should always focus on the people using their product
  • Personally connect to their end users

##Project Launch Team Responsibilities:

  • Coordination
    • Build out and coordinate the Project Launch Team
    • Collaborate with Captains, Onboarding Team, and Website Team to assist in the incubation, growth, and launch of projects
    • Strategically plan project launches, project needs, and overall life cycle/phase of projects, including project sunsets
    • Communicate project milestones and context for marketing, outreach, funding, and recruiting efforts
  • Process
    • Define and improve our program management process
    • Help develop project development process, to help volunteers understand how to launch new projects and incubate new ones.
    • Review and develop project methodology and tools
    • Evaluate feasibility of new project ideas (i.e. timing, thematic fit into Code for San Francisco’s core project requirements, values, etc.) and encourage development as appropriate
  • Support
    • Help project leaders move their products from idea to launch and from launch to growth.
    • Help project leads stay aligned with Code for San Francisco’s goals
    • Help projects recruit for each stage of their lifecycle
    • Work with the Onboarding Team in support of the matching process to help volunteers and teams connect at each stage of their projects
    • Engage and educate project leads on project methodologies and tools

##Relevant Skills

  • Project, product, or program management background
  • Experience revising a process or workflow
  • Adaptability
  • Patience
  • Seriously amazing communication skills


  • Attend in-person monthly Core Team coordination meeting
  • Attend monthly meeting for Project Launch Team members (coordinated among your team)
  • Attend hack nights and Brigade events that generate projects, such as hackathons
  • Available for 5-10 hours of communication per month outside of Hack Nights on projects

##Metrics The Project Launch Team will track the following:

  • Stages of all projects (inactive, active, launched) and progress through those stages
  • Project launch timelines
  • Project human and technical resource needs
  • Possible redeployments of projects from other cities
  • Other metrics as appropriate