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Code for San Francisco is a collection of creative volunteers working to improve the lives of San Franciscans. We continue to advocate for open public data, we continue to build useful civic apps like Adopt-a-Drain and We Vote, and we continue to work on civic infrastructure like Lighten.

But we want to do more and to do it better. To that end, we are building our leadership team.

Code for San Francisco needs a team to help build tools that help us grow into a more effective, impactful, and inclusive organization. We are looking for two leads to help improve the web presence and Brigade toolkit, as well as folks to support those leads or specialize in specific roles.

##The Pitch

Are you committed to code? Do you play nice with others in the open source sandbox? Do you believe in documentation? If you are the kind of person that gets excited about enabling others to do more and better work, then this is the job for you. In this role, your code will multiply the impact of Code for San Francisco. At the core, you’ll help build the website into a resource that can be used not just in the communication of what we do, but in the management of the organization and projects. You will also roll out new tools that meet the needs of our diverse users as well as strengthen some of the ones we already use. In this role you should:

  • Code with empathy, you must listen and understand the problems and bring technical solutions to them
  • Be a lifelong learner
  • Use github and use it well
  • Be interested in sharing your skills with others
  • Up to the challenge of applying agile practices to a 100% volunteer organization
  • Have worked with APIs and integrations

##Team Responsibilities

  • Process
    • Implement stronger standards and best practices for issue and code management on core Brigade technology projects
    • Create process for clear roadmapping among the many needs of the brigade
    • Work with onboarding team and projects team to identify clear pathways for people to help the website and tools team
    • Implement feedback loops from brigade members to help improve tools
  • Coordination
    • Coordinate with onboarding and projects team primarily to bring tools to solving some of the core organizational challenges
    • Communicate website and tools milestones and context for marketing, outreach, funding, and recruiting efforts
    • Use tools to communicate the direction and velocity of development as appropriate
  • Support
    • Help develop tools that actually meet the needs of the organization and its members
    • Advise the project and onboarding teams on technical matters related to the other projects
    • Help onboarding and projects team develop standard practices for brigade projects

##Relevant Skills

  • Ability to code and use a mix of languages and toolkits effectively
  • Fluent in javascript and related frameworks
  • Good code management practices
  • Previous open source dev
  • Adaptability
  • Patience
  • Seriously amazing communication skills


  • Attend in-person monthly Core Team coordination meeting
  • Attend monthly meeting for website and tools team checkin
  • Attend hack nights and Brigade events, recruit skilled developers as needed to the website team
  • Available for 5-10 hours of communication per month outside of Hack Nights on member engagement


The Team will track the following:

  • Number of commits on core brigade tools
  • Number of resolved pull requests on core brigade tools
  • Number of logged issues on core tool repos
  • Happiness and satisfaction with tools by users
  • Other metrics as appropriate